About Base 2 Apps

From our beginnings as a garage development team, we to strive to introduce game changers to the iOS, Android and Windows Phone Markets. Our award winning City, Fair and Event applications are being leveraged by many customers to deliver a fun experience to visitors and serve as a revenue tool for marketing directors. Our apps got us featured by Google and even put up in Times Square! Don’t believe us, take a look at the picture on the right!
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Core Values

Tap an icon and download an app…
…it is a connection.
We make sure that everything we do respects that connection- from our commitment to creating quality applications to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly.

Team Members

  • CEO


    Obsession : Lactic Acid
    Famous for : Protein Shakes
    Hates : Flowery Words
  • CFO


    Obsession : Simplicity
    Famous for : Opportunities
    Hates : Long Lines
  • Dev


    Obsession : New Technologies, Working Out
    Famous for : Smart Ideas
    Hates : Cliche Slogans
  • VP Dev


    Obsession : Technology, Android
    Famous for : Special Dance Moves
    Hates : Bad Software Design

Client Testimonials

  • Fairs are fun and exciting. Base 2 Apps made our fair different with a Fair Mobile APP and connected us with the new generation of smartphone users.

    – Adrenna, StanCoFair

  • This app (ViBe) is perfect. I rarely spend money on apps, but I did on this one. Thank you

    – Laura, ViBe User

Valued Partners