ViBe App

Avoid the awkwardness of ringtones going off during meetings, class, and/or during a conversation. ViBe lets you know who is calling without even having to pull your Android phone out of your pocket! Simply set a custom ViBe per contact and you will have a way to distinguish who is calling you without pulling the 'pocket reach and downward look' to your phone. You know what we mean ;). Having a fun side, ViBe caters to people looking to personalize the vibrations on their phones. On a more serious side, ViBe enhances the accessibility of Android devices to the physically disabled community such as the hearing impaired and blind....the uses are endless!


  • Set custom vibrations per contact
  • Preview vibrations before setting them
  • Purchase Premium Vibrations!
  • A full range of vibration patters...heartbeats, pulses, weapons, and soo much more
  • Set vibrations for groups
  • Remove vibrations from contacts that you may not want to answer

ViBe works with Android devices running version 2.1 software or later.

  • “It's about time we have the ability to customize ringtones!”
  • “Cool app that all android phones should have.”
  • “ViBe can be very helpful to the various physically disbled communities who are using vibrations as signifiers.”
  • “This is a cool app. I can assign different vibes for different contacts. Great job Base 2, keep up the great work!!!”

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