ViBe because Vibrate>Ringtones

Posted by paul on17.11.2012

As ViBe is nearing 1 Million downloads, our friends at AndroidWidget.Info reviewed ViBe and a positive one at that! People understand the concept of ViBe fairly simply as it is custom vibrations for calls and text messages. AndroidWidget.Info took the appreciation for the application one step further because we have created an easy to use widget that lets users adjust their ViBe settings without having to enter the application.

The review mentioned 2 reasons to download ViBe and those points resonate very clearly!

  1. To Know Who Is Calling Without Anyone Else Knowing
  2. Vibrate > Ringtones

The idea that vibrate is greater than ringtones validates why we created ViBe. ViBe is a game changer as it shifts notification services from audible tones to more discreet vibrations. Let’s be real, who uses ringtones anymore? Ringtones are a 90s thing.

If you like how ViBe shifted the market in terms of vibrations, sign up to be invited to be an early adopter of liveWants to see how we will shift the market again from a ‘Want’ perspective.


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