The Secret to Monetizing your Mobile App

Posted by paul on17.08.2012

The Secret to Monetizing your Mobile App

Here is a perfect example of the win-win-win situation…who doesn’t love chips and salsa?

Knowing that technology is trending to mobile devices, sponsors are looking to grow their reach to an effective way of marketing their business/brand.

Here is the secret: Sponsors=Money

Allowing a company to sponsor your mobile app can be a great opportunity to monetize your mobile application.

With Base 2 Apps mobile app offering, a sponsor, event, and business venue can be added to the application with minimal effort and with no technical experience. For finance and budgeting folks, there are no printing, shipping, consulting, and set-up fees.

That is great…what else?

Placement in an application is more valuable to a sponsor. If an attendee is interested in a sponsor’s banner in the application, they can simply click it to be routed to more information about what that business is offering. For CVBs and fairs, discount offerings are a great way to create an interactive experience with both your app user and your paid sponsor vendor. A user can get a discount and more information about a sponsor, the sponsor gets a new customer and YOU make money. It is a win-win-win situation.

Creating this interactive sponsorship experience is much more effective than a lot of print sponsorships.

At Base 2 Apps, we have numerous dynamic sponsorship placement options for you to choose from. Simply contact us to find out more.

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