Spoiler Alert: Interactive News Feeds!

Posted by paul on23.08.2012

Spoiler Alert: Interactive News Feeds!

Do you want to be able to connect with your attendees instantly and promote your social networks at the same time? Do you want to be able to do this without extra work?

If you answered yes to both questions, keep reading:

Base 2 Apps integrated dynamic app interfaces that sync your live social network updates such as facebook, twitter, blog and flickr with your mobile application.  For instance, a user does not need to go to your fair twitter or blog page to be able to see your latest tweet/post. A live feed brings in those updates on the first page of your mobile application. If a tweet or post is of interest to a user, they can simply click the feed to get routed to that specific piece of social media.

This interactive feed was used by the Stanislaus County Fair and the Turlock CVB to update their users on relevant information. The StanCoFair also used the app to promote a sponsorship they had with Kaiser to promote a walking mobile application. Many sponsors have mobile applications, so being able to promote their apps through your app, is an effective monetization model. If you are interested in how to make money off of your mobile app, check out this app article

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The City of Turlock Integrated the Dynamic News Feed in their CVB Mobile App!

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