liveWants on Google Play

Posted by paul on31.12.2012

Really live the life you Want.

A visual list for anything you want out of life. liveWants allows you to share and organize the simple things you want to do today and your aspirations for tomorrow. We believe that by visualizing and sharing your wants, you’re better able to achieve and inspire. Use liveWants to meet new friends, plan social events, learn the guitar, find answers to questions, share travel plans, and more.


1. Track & share your wants so that you’re more likely to achieve and inspire
2. Create wants with your camera and rewant from the community
3. Discover new and trending Wants
4. Fulfill your Wants

The Android version of liveWants is free on Google Play! Get it today to start on your 2013 New Years resolutions, your Vision Boards and goals. liveWants is a beautiful application that will be a top app for 2013

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