Growth for Smaller Markets Adopting Mobile Apps

Posted by paul on16.08.2012

Growth for Smaller Markets Adopting Mobile Apps

Apps Apps Apps. We hear it all the time, but who are the early adopters of creating mobile apps for their associations?

In a recent report done by One Orange Feather Inc, more than half of large associations with $100M+ budgets have applications compared to less than 10% below $1M.

What does this mean?

Apps are fairly new to the Association/Event/City/Chamber/Fair sectors. As a result, the technology used to be more expensive to purchase. Similar to how the prices of flat screen TVs have dropped, developers and companies, like Base 2 Apps, have created processes to not only enhance their products, but also make them more affordable to the smaller markets.

Instead of paying $20,000 for an app, a marketing director can purchase a custom iOS and Android application with all of the bells and whistles in the $5,000-$8,000 range.

Smaller markets have invested in ‘Mobile Friendly’ sites since native applications were not initially range of their budgets. Is it too late for them to leverage the reduced prices to purchase a high quality application?

The simple answer is that it is not too late to have a mobile friendly site and a native application. In fact, most large associations have and would recommend BOTH. The trend, according to One Orange Feather, is that 55% of ALL associations will include native mobile apps in their next IT budget.

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