Chamber of Commerce Mobile Apps: Adapting to Add Value

Posted by paul on19.08.2012

Chamber of Commerce Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone: Adapting to Add Value

What is a chamber of commerce? What value does a chamber of commerce add to a business? What new technologies are being used by the chamber of commerce to promote businesses?

Business owners are faced with these questions when trying to figure out if it is worth investing the time and money to become part of a local chamber of commerce.

A chamber of commerce is defined as a local association to promote and protect the interests of the business community in a particular place.  Now that we know the definition, WHAT is the value add of being an active member of a chamber of commerce? According to a report done by The Schapiro Group, being an active member of a local chamber of commerce conveys to consumers that the company uses good business practices, cares about customers, is involved in the community and is reputable. When compared to other business strategies, being an active member of a chamber of commerce is very effective in building company traits that will allow the company to be successful.

It is valuable to be an active member of the local chamber of commerce. With technology trends, smart phones and the development of mobile apps for Android and iPhone have made it possible to gauge a company’s reputation, business practices, customer care and community involvement. How is your local chamber of commerce adapting with the new technology trends to continue to add value to local businesses? Tech savvy chambers of commerce have created communities with mobile apps promoting chamber members. This allows business information to be passed among business members and to grow economically by developing a more connected community through a mobile app for Android and iPhone.

Companies, like Base 2 Applications – a US Chamber of Commerce member, specialize in developing mobile apps for chambers of commerce. These apps include features such as click to call, custom maps and location based services, event and planner updates and various social element integrations such as Facebook, twitter, blogs, and flickr. These smart phone apps have created economic value for local businesses and have sped up the time it takes to discover goods and services from other chamber members.

If your chamber of commerce does not have a mobile app, contact us for a free app quote.

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