Building a Community

Posted by paul on03.08.2012

Building a Community

Today’s post is a guest post by our very own Sargon.

Social social social.  We hear this buzzword all the time.  Have you thought about what it truly means to be social?

When we design your mobile app, we recommend creating a social experience whereby users and admins can do the following:

  1. listen to your users
  2. share within your app community
  3. share with extended social circles and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, MMS, and email
  4. engage in meaningful dialog whereby certain exchanges can be voted up via “likes”

So what? … and why should you care?

Socialize Your App

Social Action Bar from within Your App

When you enable your mobile users to engage and share, you’re enlisting an army of super charged word-of-mouth influencers.  This means more downloads for your app and more publicity to your organization.  More dollar$ in your pocket too… Itemized, this is what you enable when you go social in your mobile app:

  • Increase loyalty
  • Know your fan base
  • Reward your fan base
  • Listen in on ways to improve your organization

At Base 2, we’ve teamed up with the folks over at Socialize to provide an awesome in app experience that builds your community.

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