Ancient Assyrian Recipes

Posted by paul on23.10.2012

Ancient Assyrian Recipes

When the wooden spoon wasn’t used to chase us around the house, it help make a great meal! We enjoyed the food  so much so that we wanted to share our mom’s favorite dishes with the world. Being Assyrian, we grew up with a plethora of dishes ranging from many variations of dolma to kipteh (large Assyrian meat balls) to drinks like doweh (I still am not a fan, but some people love it).

The dishes presented on the Assyrian Recipes site represent dishes that were once made 3000-4000 years ago, with a few modifications of course. The recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and in order to preserve the Assyrian diaspora traditions of food and drinks, we created this site to form a community of users to share their Ancient Assyrian recipes with the world.

This site is run by YOU and the recipes the YOUR parents and grandparents want to keep alive. So register for an account, its FREE, and start posting your Assyrian Recipes. Who knows, your recipe may be featured on the website!

We also created the Assyrian App. It is Free for both iPhone and Android. So check it out!


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